Past the Personnel Feature: What Exists Ahead?

Past the Personnel Feature: What Exists Ahead?

A progressively typical motif in Personnel (HR) literature in the 1990’s concerns how the HR Division can make a better payment to the success of the business it offers. To do so, we have to first alter our sight of the Human Resource function as being just executable within a traditional “Division.” We must watch Human Resources much more as a “feature,” or “a set of tasks,” than as a division. While Human Resources services may not be supplied in the future through what we understand as a Division, they need to be supplied somehow. This short article has to do with the world of possibilities.

The Human Resources Function Today

Today the Human Resources Division remains in a transitional stage. Some organizations have long ago realized that the Human Resources Department can make a better difference. Others require convincing. A favorable pattern appears to be establishing, as confirmed in publications of the Personnel professional’s recognizing company, the Culture for Human Resource Management, (e.g. see Human Resources Publication, 11/98). Chief Executive Administration are significantly checking out the HR function as an actual or potential “strategic company partner.” This is motivating, for as lately as the early 1990’s the idea of the Human Resources feature as a calculated partner would have been fairly novel.


In the first fifty percent of the 20th century, the Personnel function grew out of the Payroll feature. The residues of this can be seen in business that keep the obligation for payroll handling within the Human Resources Department. Today, the pay-roll feature can commonly be located in the Controller’s practical location.

This new entity after that became known as the “Personnel Department.” It was responsible for those responsibilities that, rather frankly, really did not appear to fit anywhere else, such as overseeing the work procedure. Unlike later iterations, the Personnel Department was not worried about strategic recruiting and also choice. Its goal was just to work with people to fill “tasks,” a 20th century development. This focus discusses how, also today, many individuals consider the Personnel Department as just “the Department that works with individuals.” So engrained is this concept that, even in surveys of Human Resources practitioners that we perform today, much of them still define the major objective of the Human Resources Division as being “the work of people.” Of course, it is true that in a lot of their business, hiring individuals still is their main emphasis and function.

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