Humanity and Technology: The Alliance in between

Humanity and Technology: The Alliance in between

Technology is growing very fast. It is spreading into all aspects of our lives. Technological tools have become compact and cheap to the whole world. Humanity is depending on the physical benefits of technology. Traditional human development is a sequenced and regular method that needs human interaction, real experiences and behavioral learning. In past, the way we used to live our lives consisted human interaction. Technology has totally changed the way we used to live. As a result, human development has become distorted and emotional maturity goes away.

Our electronic media culture affects the real world presently with mass reliability and copy and which ultimately fool the human eye. Reality will become distorted and difficult to distinguish between real and not real? The word, simulacrum refers to the superficial likeness, a duplicate. pictures, video games,  TV, tricks, advertising, and computers are a part of our electronic media, that provides pictures which are created and altered, but they still seem real, even though are not. This inefficiency to distinguish between the real from unreal questions our reality. As a result, we start to believe that nothing is real. This results in feelings of despair, apathy and, finally, anarchy. If nothing is real, we tend to become a robot, and even as cold and unfeeling. This can be death to a personality’s spirit.

Basic information on human development is needed to grasp the basic nature of the gap created by our technology development. Once these core biological process processes is not navigated successfully, it changes the flexibility to sort out, evolve and mature. As humans, we have to reply to and grow from getting in control, read to, pay attention to music and enjoyable physical experiences. While not these basis we used to regress, into people without any cognizance or self-control, unable to talk about our ideas, put in front desires to others, creating issue or keeping relationships. And, not awake to what’s wrong, we tend to are unable to learn from our mistakes. For more info on tech checkout this website.

This is specifically feel worried in an exceedingly wired world of knowledge overload, and changing into a lot of this as technology expands and hastens its field. Once the technology is accessible to kids in very early stage, a tangle is created throughout human biological process years. It should provide an intellectual exchange, though not the nuances of exchange of a personality. Once the technology is used as a caregiver, it develops the emptiness at intervals in the human spirit.

The word simulation refers to the method of dissimulation or illustration of human behavior through the employment of another system. The military and businesses use the technology used in computer game as a tutoring tool, to assist for the important problem. The technology of computer game may provide partial learning expertise, intellectual expertise however not a personality’s encounter. It is like half expertise that which lacks the full inclusion of the 5 senses that we used to behave as expert being human. Once we get aware and feel full sensory expertise, joined through a joint physical encounter, it becomes something with purpose, developing a personality’s ability that we can use during future interactions.

As modern technology requires psychological feature self to fasten up, as a result the part of our system stays behind. This ultimately makes a bridge which is far way and that we create to split at regular intervals ourselves: a brain but not a body, intellect but with no feeling.

It does not have to be forced to be in this way. Technology will improve the human world, however, technology can even increase the creature. The main thing required is new ways to integrate technology with basic human needs and use that technology inside the service for development of human.

ONE solution

It is via the human biological process stage of pretending to play and using The Movie Making method, that a real alliance and creative answer are generally get among the human needs planet and the technology age.

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