Autism Spectrum Disorder- The Great Disconnect

Autism Spectrum Disorder- The Great Disconnect


Caused by a blend of environmental factors and genetics, autism is still a complex disorder that yet needs to be fully understood by the researchers. By altering the organization and connections of brain cells and messing up with the synapses, the disorder compels the affected individual to show behavioural changes. Usually arising at an age of 2-3 years the disorder persists throughout life and so is known as a developmental disorder.

From a broader lens

The causes may vary for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Risk factors may include infections during pregnancy that may be caused by pathogens like rubella, toxins like that of alcohol, pesticides, cocaine etc, air pollution and a multitude of factors. Whereas the other side of the coin has a quite controversial cause that includes environmental factors (vaccine hypothesis) (3) that has been disapproved by the researchers.


Globally autism is estimated to affect With advanced in the era of medicine, Autism isn’t considered as a disorder anymore. For more reviews, you can check USABoatReview

 Due to a change in diagnostic practices, the number of people diagnosed with autism has hiked dramatically since the 1960s. Researchers and doctors emphasize on the fact that treatment must begin at the initial stage focusing on the individuals’ unique weakness, intellect and needs.


People’s perspective on the great disconnect

Autism has come a long way from the point where you see it in the current time. Starting from the days where people used to call the affected individuals socially challenged to the current time where people address the individuals differently-abled, mindsets have evolved. In today’s era, autism is nothing more than an unrecognized developmental that is paired with intellectual and social disabilities. There is no shame to be autistic as time has witnessed marvels with autistic individuals who have engraved their names on the rock of time with golden letters. Nowadays autism is simply recognized as an independent neurologically based disorder of significance for public health. Being a topic of much research and importance researches have struggled hard to find causes, symptoms and consequences that can be a boon to cure autistic individuals.


Awareness of autism 

The more people understand and know autism, the more they will have an understanding when they see a person suffering from autism spectrum disorder, acting out of the ordinary. This is why 2nd April which is otherwise known as Autism Awareness Day. There are a lot of other reasons as well that why even the developed countries need autism awareness. These are reflected below:

  •   The reason is not only collecting funds but also to diagnosing small children and providing them with the resources that they need.
  •   Awareness for autism raises the idea of promoting acceptance and inclusion of everyone. This ensures that children who are suffering from autism aren’t left out from other activities.
  •   Children suffering from autism sometimes have exceptional talent in other things like music or memory so autism awareness leads to recognizing the skills in amazing minds.
  •   Awareness leads to early intervention which is necessary to promote better developmental outcomes and reduces long-term costs. So awareness of autism means adequate supports and services to promote positive outcomes.
  •   The term “neurodiversity” that is being raised with autism program in the UK is starting to be used more widely in the society and so the people suffering from autism are now recognized as the persons having different intellectual capabilities and are not regarded as disabled or disordered.

These are the reasons why autism awareness is inevitable and so several autism programs have folded their sleeves to promote awareness for autism across the globe. Spread awareness for autism and be a part of the making of a better tomorrow.

Looking back in the time of Autism can make you realize the major advances the field od medicine has made and the sort of developments that people’ perception are going through. Sixty years back you would find people mocking at the disabled and lashing on them whereas now you would find organizations, NGOs and other people helping and spreading awareness for the disorder. 


Years of well-constructed research is leading the process of threading the treatment process in a sophisticated direction. Numerous therapies and treatments have been developed to help the affected individuals to cope up with their disabilities making them capable of exploring their inner credibility as a person. Promisingly the treatment initiatives are helping people to learn new things and become socially fluent. Maximizing their potential and making the autistic kids competent to the environmental conditions, awareness for autism has also been playing a vital role in helping parents by educating them on how to help and support their autistic kids. It can be thus clearly said that after long decades of fight and epochs of disappointment, challenges and stereotypes, autism has finally found its tunnel of hope.


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